Mother In Arms


Mothers copy.jpg

Motherhood fascinates me. It is one sense of duty and passion that transcends species. There is no purer form of love in existence. This piece emphasizes that amazing form of strength that is specific towards women. Even in times of oppression and abuse, women always had the role of mother, and it is always a place were they draw strength. This piece is based of “Joan of Arc” by Millais.

Pretty Hurts



This piece I titled “Pretty Hurts” is based on a piece by Leonardo da Vinci. I wanted to emphasize the idea in media and in a society that women only hold true value if they are beautiful. It is an idea that feminists have tried to shake off, but even in today’s society, evidence of this pressure is everywhere. Underwear adds and makeups commercials, scantily clad female roles in movies. In, history, women are notable if they were beautiful, while men were notable if they were strong or cunning. This idea has not died throughout the ages. Today’s society still puts pressure on women and with technology affecting young girls, it’s no surprise that bullying and self-hating attitudes are rapid amongst teenagers. Society sweeps this pain under the rug, much like a pretty picture.

Inner Demons


This piece is another part of the Renaissance series I am creating, taking old paintings and putting a twist on them to reveal hardships experienced by women. In “Inner Demons” I wanted to emphasize inner demons that women face, may it be social pressures that cause them to feel less than perfect, including depression. In the piece, I have the two women covered in scared to show the aspect of both physical and mental pressures they face. This piece is based on Artemisia Gentileschi, Judith Slaying Holofernes. In the story, Judith and her servant slay the general. I wanted to add this sort of sisterhood, to emphasize that these internal battles don’t need to be fought alone.