Final Self Assessment

I think through this course I have grown as an artist. I have grown bolder in my mediums and techniques. Before this class I was not comfortable with still  life or straight lines, but this course forcd me to to step outside my comfort zone and I found that I actually like working with these new techniques. I also have found a love for charcoal which is a material I haven’t used since freshman year of high school. For the past few years I have been working digitally, but this class helped me fall back in the groove with traditional mediums. I love the old organic feeling they give to my pieces, plus I like getting dirty. Overall I think I put a lot of effort into my pieces throughout this course and used my time wisely, and pushed myself to create work I find intriguing. I have seen a lot of growth in my pieces especially in their value and strength. I believe I have become a more conciderate and open minded artist throughout this course. I would give myself an A, because of the time I put in and the concentration and focus I brought when working on my pieces.


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